Sunday, February 28, 2010

Return of the Blogger

Omg, Canada won a medal! In hockey! Thank God for their dignity! I only laugh about this because of their Own the Podium (see this NY Times article and their site) campaign, and they still managed to be in third for medal counts. Don't make a committee, guys, just DO IT! But still, congratulations on the gold medal.

Watching the U.S. team get their medals is almost painful because they all look so pissed. As if they'd like nothing better than to skip the ceremony and skulk back to the locker room.

Now that I've really settled into Birmingham, I feel good about getting back into blogging. Between moving, getting used to working full-time, and creating new friendships, I haven't had much time to write!

Finally working in a paid position feels good, even though it's only for a short time. It's funny though, because I've worked full-time before, at an apartment complex, but I'm so much more tired at the end of the day here than I was at that other job. And, it's not as if I'm running around all day -- I sit at my desk and do research and call people!

Thankfully, the weather has gotten much better the last couple of weekends -- meaning, we can actually go outside and enjoy Bham. The first month and a half I was here, it rained/snowed/was generally awful weather every weekend. Lisa and I went over to English Village and sat outside one of the cafes, eating pastries, drinking coffee, and just enjoying the quiet and sun.

Today, we drove over to Oak Mountain State Park to explore. I expected the lake and trails, but I was surprised to see a stable offering boarding, lessons and trail rides, as well as a golf course. Supposedly, we could go swimming at the "beach" but I'm still a little skeptical. The lake's not that big, so I'm sure it gets crowded with swimmers, boaters, kayakers, etc. I may stick to the paddle boats.