Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm getting itchy

Perhaps I'm just glutted on TV and movies, but I've been feeling the urge to get creative this week. I've got some silk flowers, ribbon, empty cans, and lots o' beads sitting around, just waiting to be picked up, mulled over, and somehow put together.

I think my brain is also craving projects that have a finite life. Form idea. Act on idea. See finished product. Being crafty is about so much more than acting on my imagination -- it's also about focusing my mind, following through, and having the satisfaction of seeing the product of my labor.

So much in my life in the opposite, especially when I think about my future and career. My parents talk about having plans. You know, when you create a five year, ten year, life plan of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. Seriously, I can't even think past August. As of now, my planning skills only work a day to a week out at a time.

So, this weekend, I'll be crafty.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

While I've been out...

I started a new position about a month ago with as their intern, so things have been a teensy bit busy. I am very much enjoying learning how to manage content, build galleries and articles for the site, and getting to use social networking in a professional capacity.

I have, however, managed to write a few posts for our blog, You've Got to Taste This, and I thought I'd put up the links for a little blog love, and to show off my own writing skills:). The first is about my great-grandmother's banana bread; the second is a review of a vegetarian slow cooker cook book; and the third is about my attempts at finding water alternatives for the summer. Enjoy!