Monday, January 31, 2011

Horseshoe Decor

While I was cleaning out some old things for Goodwill this past month, I found an old horseshoe a family friend had bought me when I was in the midst of my young girl horse crazy days.

I almost threw it out when I realized I could probably make something pretty out of it instead. I also had a bouquet of silk flowers I'd bought at Michael's that I hadn't yet found a clever use for. 

I pulled several flowers apart from their stems and used floral wire to wire the two roses and ranunculus together, and left a tail to anchor the mini-bouquet to the horseshoe. 

There were more than enough flowers to make a second mini-bouquet so I paired another purple ranunculus with cluster of light purple flowers that evoke hydrangea, but I don't really think are hydrangea.

I couldn't decide which bouquet I like better, so I'll keep both handy for when I want a little change. 

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