Friday, October 2, 2009

Intern Fun Day Pt. 1

So, Tuesday, Amy, Jackson and I ate at a new restaurant called Flip Burger Boutique and it was delicious.

I got the Falafel Burger and a side of their french fries (which are fried in duck fat). The fries are big enough to share with two people. They were both great. I got the burger because I had a hankering for falafel a la my trip to Europe. We ate a lot of kabobs and falafel during the trip because it is cheap and tasty. The burger itself was light and really hit the spot. The falafel wasn't heavy or greasy at all and the greens, red onion, cucumber rounded out the flavor.

The restaurant probably seats less than a hundred people, so I'm sure it fills up quicktly. We arrived soon after Flip opened, and there was plenty of room. There are booths along two of the walls and two rows of high tables filling the rest of the space. I would say go early so you're not sharing your meal with the person in the next party.

We decided to split three of their milkshakes and I'm glad we did! We had the pistachio and white truffle, nutella and burnt marshmallow and georgia peach versions. I usually like pistachio a lot, but I wasn't crazy about this one. The nutella was definitely the favorite of the night, but the peach was a close second.

Everything is made fresh with really nice products so the slightly higher price tag is totally worth it.

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