Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good communication is important

Ha. So, I almost got into a fight (not really, but close) with the Wendy's drive thru lady yesterday. I wholly claim my blame, but she was just as feisty. I wanted to order three items a la carte, and she ordered me a combo without warning. I said, "No, I don't want the combo, I just want the three items." And she came back with, "Oh, no it's cheaper." And I'm thinking, how is it cheaper for me to buy a combo AND a Frosty? I don't think so!

We exchanged a few more words and I drove up to her window. We got into a small argument about the math of a combo versus a la carte. After a minute, she finally clarified that she wasn't trying to sell me a combo plus a Frosty, but that I could get the Frosty substituted for no extra charge. Wtf? In my own ignorance, I thought they charged for that crap, so I've never subbed. I told her so, and all was well. But, jeez, she couldn't have just said that at the beginning? Lesson: good communication is important.

Oh, and not snapping at the Wendy's lady is good too. Believe me, I felt this tall when I realized how stupid and immature I'd been. Good reminder to always have a hold on my temper.

Like tonight at the football game when I have to face Sloppy Joe and restrain myself from punching him when he tries to walk into my suite holders' stands to talk to them. I may regret this, but I hope he repeats his disappearing act from last game. That was the most helpful. I have to go get ready to leave for Athens, but I will give an update of the game tomorrow, I hope.

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