Monday, September 21, 2009

Am I gonna need an ark or a rake?

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, and as tired as I am of summer, I can't help but gush about it.

Speaking of gushing, we had what I'm going to assume is record rainfall in Atlanta this week. It's been so bad that schools and roads have closed. There are some really humbling pictures on, twitter and Atlanta and the metro area are not known for their high rainfall, so this is doubly big news for us.

Back to fall -- the leaves actually aren't turning yet...oh yeah, because it's still in the 80s. Probably will be until into October. Oh well. However, I'm sad to report that three of our mock cherries (which drop nice leaves) have already dropped their leaves. Dead, ugly brown ones.

My brother Ben has pointed out that this might indicate the trees are dead. I'm totally bummed because cherry/mock cherry trees are some of my favorite. We have six total spanning about 75% of our front yard, so those three make a difference. We won't know until spring, and I'll continue to be optimistic.

This turning point in the seasons is one of my favorite during the year. Everything starts to cool off finally. I love knowing in my gut the changes happening. Probably still won't break out my sweaters and jackets until well into October, but it's nice to start thinking about cold weather again.

Being a homey, decorating, crafty type, I'm also excited about the onslaught of fall home goods. Decorative gourds and pumpkins? Yes, please. Delicious fall scented candles and room sprays from Bath & Body Works? Where's my coupon, BBW? Cheap, cheesy decorations from Hobby Lobby? Oh, yeah, 50% off!

And the food gets exponentially worse for my health -- good thing they're only around for three months at my house. My mom breaks out her best desserts and treats for family events -- lemon bars, pumpkin cake and pie, sweet potato casserole...must stop, I'm getting hungry.

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