Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I love Hump Day

First, because, really, someone came up with that awesome name! Second, I only have one more day of work this week. And last, it's my free day.

I sent off my (re)application packet for the Southern Progress fellowship today. I'm pretty nervous about reapplying so soon, since I haven't had the chance to write any more clips or do any more tangible work. Yeah, I fact check for Atlanta but it's not the same as a final product.

I found out that Amy, one of the other Atlanta interns is also applying to SP. I thought, man, maybe I could have snuck by, but nope. Pretty sure even more people will apply now than did this past spring. In any case, wish me luck, and God willing+my great resume, etc. = an interview!

Also, my uncle put me in touch with a really nice guy who works for a publishing company. The company is H&A Media Group and they do a lot of things that I would love to get experience in. Kudos to my uncle Lynn for going out of his way to get in touch with said media guy!

I'm in the midst of reading a new book, Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones. It's like a medieval murder mystery with a taste of the supernatural. It's set in an original world where a older gentleman, Dubric, can see the ghosts of the murdered. Not coincidentally, he's in charge of security for his castle and someone is murdering young women. And his motivation, other than morals? Their gory ghosts haunt him, and they won't move on until he's solved their murder.

I really like it but gosh darn if Jones isn't leading me on a goose chase! My only complaint is that the world's history and the social network of the castle comes out in bits and pieces in conversation, so it can be hard to catalog past events and characters. Another update coming as soon as I finish!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! I went over to Bath & Body Works today. They're having their fall scents sale. Room sprays are $3 instead of $5 and I got Leaves (my favorite!), Autumn Apple, Spiced Cider and Fresh Balsam. Leaves is spicy, musky and really reminds me of the holidays. AApple is very much a crisp, clean apple scent; I'm not sold yet on Spiced Cider but I liked it better than some of their other scents. Fresh Balsam is, in my opinion, better that last year's Tree (also by Slatkin). It's less harsh that Tree, and more complex. I think the card in the store said it had pine, musk, apple and cedar scents blended in.

Their big candles are also on sale (2 for $20) and I got my mom the Vanilla Caramel (rich and sweet) and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. I like this one better than their Pumpkin Patch, which I really have no words to describe. I just think it's kind of bland and not pumpkiny or spicy at all. The other stand outs were the Ginger Vanilla and Harvest Berry. They're something unique, yet appropriate for the holidays, than the classic pumpkin, vanilla and spice based scents.

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