Saturday, September 19, 2009

Formal Intro -- this is it!

Hey guys, this is Brianne (pronounced brie-anne) and you're probably wondering what's going on here.

Well, there's several reasons this blog exists. Firstly, I've been swearing up and down for a year that I would get a personal blog. Not one for employment purposes (shameless plug here) or for a class.

I'm sure this blog will evolve over time, but for now, it's one where I could share my thoughts -- and instances when my name and my nickname are butchered by well-meaning strangers and even people who should know my name.

Now, all that stuff about how everyone gets my name wrong? It's my way of saying -- hey, this is actually my name, these are actually my thoughts, and not just what someone else thinks. It's not Brianna, it's certainly not Brian, it's not Bri (rhymes with lie), and it's not Marie.

Speaking of, I called and left a message with a lady this week who called me Brielle. Of all the name variations, I have to say this has been the prettiest. Unfortunately, my best friend promptly pointed out that Brielle sounds like gazelle, so I probably won't be using that name for a future daughter. Thanks, Stephy;)!

So in going forward, I welcome comments about my musings and especially stories of horrific/amusing/confusing name butcherings. Take care guys, and remember to enunciate!

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