Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm an intern...trust me, it's more important than it sounds

Yay, we got all of our positions filled! Okay, this was a week or so ago, but when you're only in the office two times a week, it seems like yesterday. Amy, Sarah and I are editorial and Jackson moved on to be the interactive intern for the fall.

I've really enjoyed all the stories that I've gotten to check so far. There is one in particular whose sources were hilarious! Thanks, Harmon, for the stories, and I loved picturing Jeryl sitting in his well-kept retirement digs reminiscing about the crazy '70s. Hinty-hint, look for this one in November.

My most recent story has been challenging, to say the least. Not only is the current copy twenty-five pages, but it's an incredibly detailed story that is a source of anguish and hurt for a lot of people. It really bummed me out at first -- it's hard to understand sometimes why people are dishonest and hurtful, and sometimes, there aren't any answers. Only speculation, which is probably far from the truth.

But I had to tell myself that this is just a job, and I can step back without feeling (too) bad.

It's frustrating because a lot of people don't want anything to do with the story now that they've done their interview. Um...I just want to confirm what you already said! I promise, no more than that! I can understand their reluctance in this case, but if it's that big of a deal, then don't give an interview in the first place.

This story has also been a perfect opportunity to see how much work goes into an investigative feature. I have a stack at least three inches thick of documents and records to help me, not to mention a huge folder of MORE docs on our server. Plus live sources...who don't necessarily like me by virtue of the topic I'm questioning them about.

We'll see how it goes...check back!

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