Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Collection of Thoughts

Time flies: Wow, so, in case you hadn't heard, Thanksgiving is here (here, meaning close enough that I can talk about it in the present tense) and you know what that means -- one more year has gone by. This one has been especially memorable for me since I graduated from college in May and have been struggling to find a place in my industry since then.

PETA shoots themselves in the foot again: Today, PETA suggested to Damon Evans (I really wish I could have heard his reaction) that instead of replacing Uga VII with another dog, UGA should build an animatronic Bulldog for our mascot. What? Clearly, none of the people working at PETA graduated from UGA, or this never would have been brought up.

They are glossing over a nearly 54-year tradition at UGA. These dogs are an institution -- they are lovable, friendly, and pettable -- and yes, they have health issues. We knew that. Did anyone really expect the current Uga to pass away? No. His predecessors all lived an average of 8 years (only one died under 9 years of age). The Seilers are certainly going through a rough time now, and with absolute confidence I can say that they love their dogs and if there's something they can do to help them, they will.

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