Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Black Friday! You know what that means...

Time to rip down those leafy, orangy, autumnal decorations and pull out Santa, the reindeer, your mini-nativity and wrestle with the itchy garland and the miles of lights you were too lazy to put away properly last year.

Every year without fail, we put up our Christmas decorations the weekend (okay, maybe the week) following Turkey Day. As I've grown older, I've looked upon this occasion with both delight and dread -- I'm suddenly fighting dual personalities. Who wants to spend the whole day decorating the house, inside and out? Well, me...but then again, why can't just put up the tree, hang up the wreaths in the windows and be done with it?

What is it about getting older that makes me want to simplify Christmas? Is it the fact that I'm no longer a child, and now I'm the one who's responsible for braving the mall to buy gifts, preparing the holiday meals? Or is it that I now understand how disgustingly commercial we've made Christmas?

As the years pass at my house, we put out less decorations, freak out less over the perfect holiday get together, and making our lives easier by not requesting as many specific gifts (I can pick out my own sweater, I would just appreciate a little money towards it's purchase).

And I don't feel bad about it. I'm happier making my friends a gift box of cookies and yummy desserts than buying them a present I hope they'll like. I'm happier spending my free time at home, with my friends and family, than at the mall.

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