Thursday, November 19, 2009


I arrived home today and my dad had horrible news he'd heard on Fox 5: Uga VII "Loran's Best" died suddenly today. My eyes nearly bugged out -- Uga was only a couple games away from finishing his second season, and only four years old. Bulldogs have serious health issues, I know, but by my estimation, all the Ugas have lived at least seven years.

This is sad news, especially for the Seiler family. I had the opportunity to interview three family members this past year for an article, and they truly care about their dogs. These dogs are beloved family pets, and for anyone who's grown up with dogs, you know what that feels like. It must be particularly difficult to lose two dogs so close together.

It's also a bit disheartening as a Dawg fan, because Uga is such an integral part of Gameday events, and in many ways, a representative of UGA as much as Michael Adams is. I don't know how many people know, but the Seilers and Uga are at every football game, individual college events, other miscellaneous sporting events, and other University festivities. And mind you, they come from Savannah, which is four-five hours from Athens.

My thoughts turn to the Seilers, and if you have a beloved pet of your own, give him or her and extra pat tonight.

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