Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have a job! At least until June...

I was sitting on the couch, watching the news Tuesday night when I got a phone call from a 205 number. I knew immediately that this was a Birmingham area code based on my experience with Southern Progress. To say my heart started racing would be exaggerating, but I was definitely nervous.

Somehow I managed to calmly answer the phone. Katie B., one of two ladies I interviewed with for the copy editing department, was calling me to offer me an internship! Yay!

I am so excited to know that I've earned this opportunity, and that I know I'll have something of a purpose and job for the next six months. And to my relief, Katie also sounded very happy that I would be working with them.

The quick turnaround surprised me, since I only interviewed last week, and I turned my ranking sheet in on Monday. But I am surely not complaining! As my aunt Shirley said, and it's true, waiting for a call back can be more stressful than the interview. I'm glad that I know now, and I can start thinking about all the little things I need to get ready.

My family is also very happy for me, and I'm grateful to know that they probably think about these things as much as I do, and that I have their full support.

The intern coordinator will send out information on housing and policies soon, and I am itching to take a look at the e-mail. I'm especially anxious to solve my residence issues, since I only know one other person who interviewed.

During college, I found that as long as I could come home to a quiet, for the most part peaceful apartment, all the other stresses in my life could be easily dealt with. But a crappy living situation can make it hard to get through life.

After visiting last week, it turns out that I know two of the current interns from UGA. Georgia was in my magazine production class, and she has already, very kindly, offered to give me any advice I might need. I know the other girl, Katie, vaguely from Grady, and she offered the same help.

Working for Southern Progress is an amazing opportunity, and will hopefully crack open some more doors for my career. More updates to come as I learn more.

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