Friday, June 24, 2011

Heading to Auburn

Hi all! I am driving to Auburn, AL to visit a good friend this weekend and I hope to have some great pictures to put up for you next week. The town is much more photogenic than people might think and I especially want to see the Toomer's Oaks and how they are doing.

If you aren't aware, these 130-year old live oaks were poisoned by a very angry Alabama fan. They anchor a very important landmark in Auburn, Toomer's Corner, which sits between one edge of campus and the main drag downtown. 

Considering the events of this year I was very lucky to see these trees almost a year ago and they were truly beautiful. Auburn fans roll the trees with toilet paper after a football victory, among other events. I'm not sure where this tradition originated and I do find it a bit ironic!

We didn't have a chance to go into Toomer's Drugstore last time I visited so that will be another item on my list. Between the lemonade and the old-fashioned soda fountain it sounds like a good place for lunch. I just need to persuade my friends we should go!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and safe travels if you're heading out like me.

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