Monday, June 13, 2011

Spotlight: Glas Designs

When I was in Florida a few weeks ago my friend and I hung out at a local art in the park event. One booth in particular caught our attention: Glas Designs, run by a couple from the Panhandle, had very unique pearl and leather jewelry.

I hadn't seen anything like their designs before since a lot of folks pair pearls with metal. I was also very impressed with the size of their pearls and the wire-wrapped rings that were on display at the front of their tent.

Linda, one of the owners, was creating additional pieces to sell as we stood and chatted with her and after deciding on the style of ring I liked, she wrapped it for me on the spot. This was wonderful since she could fit the ring exactly to my finger and I could watch her work.

I was tickled that the whole family was present at this art fair: Linda worked for the most part with the pearl jewelry; her husband Jason sat behind the tent and created glass beads which they also use in the jewelry; and their two children helped ring up and bag the sales. Even the dog was hanging out by their car!

They have a website that you can visit to see some more of their items. Linda also told us that they travel frequently to Gulf Coast events to sell their jewelry, so if you are in the area they will be visiting I would highly recommend stopping by their tent.

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